Yohji Yamamoto New Era Edition Rock Backpack

A bag that follows you everywhere, is a quality backpack. Those who are truly on top of fashion and the modern trends, know that they are not only for kids. Being able to do your daily tasks, with your hands free is already a great reason to invest in one. It is even better, if it is unique in design, and attractive in appearance. In this review, we will observe the features of the best selling premium bag Yohji Yamamoto Black New Era Edition Rock Backpack, that you can purchase for the best price with discount.

For most of us, it is important that the backpack is spacious, but not too bulky. Yohji Yamamoto New Era Edition Rock backpack has several different compartments for you to place your items into. It has a main compartment, with a fold over flap that has another zippered section, and even a covered detachable rubber shell that includes a lanyard clasp, and a press release fastening.

Laptop computers, are some of the most used items on the daily basis for school, work and pleasure. Often, they need to be brought along with us. This backpack includes a separate section for your laptop, that has Velcro tabs on the inside for closing it and keeping your device secure. Overall size of this bag is 15 inches in length, 21 inches in height, and 6.5 inches in width.

Yohji Yamamoto Black New Era Edition Rock Backpack

A unique feature, are the drawstrings at the top. They can be released and the top bent over, for easy access of the inside. The inside is multiple different colors, and floral, adding a bit of individuality. On the front, there is a logo and the side also includes the embroidered logo in white letters.

Top includes a handle for those who want to carry the backpack in their hand for any purpose, while the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable.

Bring your attention to the Yohji Yamamoto New Era collection, and you will love this backpack. Right now, it is offered for the best price yet, with worldwide delivery. It is surely trendy, durable and comfortable for everyday use. You will unquestionably be stylish and will be able to fit in just about all of your necessary items.

Yohji Yamamoto Black New Era Edition Rock Backpack

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