Yoga for Weight Loss and Fitness

A combination of yoga and fitness attracts a lot of people today. In fact, fitness yoga became one of the most popular types of physical activities. Such trainings provide great results: people don’t just stay in shape and lose weight – they start feeling better.

But what is fitness yoga and how does it help become slim? Fitness Yoga combines the advantages of two training methods and eliminates their disadvantages. Not everybody can visit a fitness club for various reasons, like high price, distance to the nearest fitness club, and so on. Plus, if a person is overweight, such trainings may result in injuries because of the extreme pressure on body joints. On the other hand, fitness is the first choice for people who want to have a beautiful figure or better posture.

As for yoga, it is totally universal. Yoga suits both thin and overweight people. Daily Yoga will train your joints and ligaments, strengthens your muscles, teaches you balance and will help you learn to breathe right (as we’ve written in the previous article). However, it’s not easy for modern people to find time for a long meditation, so a short 15-minute daily yoga practice would be perfect.

Coming back to fitness yoga, these exercises are based on poses which have the biggest benefit for body. Depending on level of training, everybody can pick a suitable yoga app in AppStore or Google Play. It would be better to choose techniques that focus on static poses because they contribute to faster weight loss. All problem areas of your body will be trained separately (each asana provides its own effect). After a series of training, joints and muscles become more flexible, posture improves, excess fat goes away and metabolism gets quicker.

Besides, you can practise fitness yoga not only in gyms but also at home if you found a suitable app. Nonetheless, having an instructor is preferred as it will be easier to reach positive results, prevent negative side effects and correct the yoga plan if something went wrong.
It’s recommended to dedicate 20-30 minutes to trainings every day.

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