Yoga for Beginners – Practice Asanas Safely with Yoga Apps

Thanks to the power of advertising, myths about yoga are spreading very quickly. People have a certain passion towards something unusual, mysterious and unknown. What’s more, many people consider yoga to be the universal “solution” against all diseases. In reality, the therapeutic effect of yoga exercises and poses (asanas) depends mostly on right techniques, especially for beginners.

Therefore, the first thing that must be done before starting practicing asanas is to study the basics of yoga deeper. Yoga is helpful as long as it’s applied correctly. Do not expect to see any miracles immediately after the first training. First results come after several months, maybe even years, depending on what results the person wants to achieve. Blocked spiritual channels don’t get cleansed in one day, so all beginners have to be patient and determined.

Moreover, even experienced practitioners need to choose asana carefully. Every person requires an individual approach. Asanas are chosen according to the person’s physical abilities and level of training. If one method suits one person, it doesn’t mean that it will suit others. There are asanas which include acrobatic elements, so they will extremely hard for beginners. Other asanas can be just dangerous for an untrained person.

So, when choosing a suitable technique, we recommend starting with studying yoga in general. Once you’re aware of what effect a certain asana may have, you’ll be more prepared. In various commercials, trainers always show that everything is easy and fun but this is what a commercial is about. Don’t try to copy everything from videos or yoga apps. Know your limitations, do your best and try not to push too hard.

If you have any questions, write us, we’ll be happy to help and give advice.