Portable YKT Humidifier Solar Power Air Purifier

Air inside our homes, offices and even automobiles can get polluted, bringing harm to our health, and even becomes dry. It can be a real hassle to clean it and add moisture to it. However, there are plenty of different gadget on the market, that help us do so quickly and productively. In this review, we are going to take a look at such an item, the YKT – JS601 Multi-Functional Humidifier Air Cleaner Solar Power Air Purifier.

This item is quite unique to begin with. It is offered on the market in a great neutral black color. Made out of ABS material, it is durable. It has many different functions. It not only cleans the air in the room, but also serves as a humidifier, wireless charger for gadgets and even as a solar panel.

YKT - JS601 Multifunctional Solar Power Air Purifier

YKT – JS601 Multi-functional Air Cleaner
Solar Power Air Purifier

Built in, it has filters that help remove particles such as formaldehyde, dust, different smoke, TVOC, PM 2.5 and much more. The method of purification is electrostatic attraction between anions. The rate of removal is great, being about 93 to 98 percent.

Another great feature of this item, is that it works as an aromatherapy humidifier. The water tank capacity is 120 ml, providing with plenty of mist. One can add different essential oils into the water, which is great for your skin and overall health, as well as provides with a pleasant smell. It can work as a humidifier for about 3 hours.

Built in, it also has a 5000mAh heat resistant LiPo battery, that provides with charge for other devices such as your mobile phone. To add to that, it has a solar panel on the top of it. This allows it to charge and function properly, just by receiving different rays of sunlight. It charges in 5 hours through the regular car charger and in 10 hours through the solar panel.

This YKT- JS601 Multifunctional Solar Power Air Purifier Humidifier is a great item to have. It not only keeps the air clean, it also moisturizes it and benefits your health. Price of it is also affordable and reasonable. It can be placed just about anywhere.