YI Sports 4K Camera With Waterproof Case

The YI 4K takes a different strategy and is centered on the premium sector of the action camera industry. The most recent Yi 4K is in fact my preferred action camera at the present time. Do you like water sports? Would you love to shoot videos of yourself? Thin the YI 4K Sports Camera and Waterproof Case Set is a perfect companion for your next journey. The 4K motion camera takes up to 60 frames and provides you with high quality video. The Aba’s new 14nm 4K high-definition core will make the camera perform smoothly. With the electronic image stabilization, the video will always be sharp and stable.

Due to the special app you can afterwards transfer your images into something better such as a poster. You can also share the videos in different social networks. The camera comes with a waterproof case which will securely protect it from water and ensure it serves you longer. In general, it is a great point-and-shoot style action camera that’s easy to use and solidly built. The camera itself is a rather wonderful bit of hardware. The Yi 4K Action Camera has a typical quarter-inch tripod thread on its underside, which means you don’t need to use proprietary mounts in the event you don’t wish to.

YI Sports 4K Camera With Waterproof Case

Its camera employs the specific same plastic mounting hardware, which means you can use nearly any GoPro accessory with it. Perhaps now you’ll be in a position to get a digital camera with a bit more self-assurance than before. Conditions like night sports, however try out adjusting the settings yourself if you don’t just enjoy the outcomes of the preset ones. It’s likewise not waterproof so that includes the waterproof case. YI 4K Action Camera is not only for shooting wonderful photos and videos, but likewise the fashion accessory you’ve been waiting for. You get a very simple video at the end, which you can directly upload and share with friends and family. You have the ability to shoot and preview with only the touch of a finger.


YI 4K Sports Camera and Waterproof Case Set

YI 4K motion camera up to 60 frames of 4K HD quality motion camera. In 4K HD mode, bid farewell to the tearing pictures common in sports shooting, each moving picture is like a ...

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