Powerful and Durable Watch Phone – Y5 3G Smartwatch Phone

512 GB RAM, makes it great for multitasking and installing different apps.
Y5 3G Smartwatch Phone 512MB RAM 4GB ROM
This watch has many various apps and features. First of all, it has GPS navigation, for quickly getting around. It is also a great exercise partner, by tracking the amount of steps taken, distance walker, and amount of calories burned. Many also use the smartwatch for different notifications of calls, messages and more. However, with 4 GB memory capacity, one can install basically any wanted app.
This watch can also be connected to WiFi, for quick and easy internet connection to surf the internet, or access your favorite social media website. One of the best features, is that this Y5 smartwatch supports a single nano SIM card, for working individually without being connect to a mobile phone. 360 mAh battery installed into this watch, charges rather quickly and is made for usage for quite some time.
Y5 smartwatch is trendy with the circular dial, and leather strap. It is not only convenient, but works as a great fashion accessory. It is made to be durable, long lasting, fast and smooth in usage. The price of it is affordable, compared to many other watches, but the market is wide. If you are in search of a smartwatch, you might want to bring your attention to the Y5.