Y18 Women Sports Smart Bracelet Waterproof Smartband

Y18 Women Sports Smart Bracelet

Y18 Women Sports Smart Bracelet,
IP67 waterproof + Heart rate monitor

The battery of Y18 last for about 7 days (not as many as, for example, provides Xiaomi – 25 days), but that is likely caused by the tiny size of this gadget. This trekker estimates heart rate, blood oxygen level (a very rare feature for most common fitness trekkers), blood pressure, calculates steps and provides some more options of remote Android operation – like taking photos with a shake of hand, or incoming call notifications. And of course it shows time and date – probably the most frequently used feature after pedometer and heart rate.In addition, this gadget has a stop watch – perfect for doing tabata or static exercise at the gym or at home, not having to reach out for the smartphone. The watch is also waterproof (IP 67 protection).
In concern of the performance, this product is fast enough and lag-free. In fact, Y18 Woman Sports Smart Bracelet is quite a decent novelty out there. Even if the design may not matter for some consumers, it provides useful data and many supportive features that come in handy at the gym or in your everyday life.