Best Selling Xiaomi TV Sound Bar Music Player

Surely, when choosing a TV, we bring most of our attention to the appearance and quality, and less to the sound. Although, for the full-on experience, sound is not any less important. As different technology has improved, the sound on TVs is often quiet, and you can barely hear the actors. Best way to solve the problem, is with a high quality soundbar. In this review, we want to observe the specs and features of the best selling Xiaomi 33 inch Sound Bar Bluetooth Music Player.

All soundbars come with different designs. Xiaomi has made it simple, but rather appealing. Affinity fabric material design fits in well with any interior, as it is light in color, and tightly hugs the body of the Sound Bar. We cannot forget to mention the shape, which is rectangular and sleek. Overall dimensions are 83.00 X 7.20 X 8.70 CM with the weight being just 1 kilogram and 925 grams.

Xiaomi TV Sound Bar Music Player

Install it any way that you want, with the full support for wall mounting and seat mounting. Some prefer to have it up high above their TV set, or in the case when the TV is also mounted, while others have both on a stand. For easy installation, an instruction manual is provided for you, as well as two regular screws and two expansion screws.


  • 8 sound units
  • 50Hz – 25000Hz frequency response
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 10 meters transmission mode
  • Size: 32.6*2.8*3.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.24lbs

Original Xiaomi TV Soundbar

Original Xiaomi TV Soundbar Audio Speaker

Thinking of the best connection method? This Xioami Wireless Sound Bar supports many different varieties for your full convenience. It has support for SPDIF, Optical, AUX, Line and Bluetooth. Enjoy your music, boost your gaming experience and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with the eight sound units. Two 20 core dome trebles, four passive radiator basses, and two 2.5 inch woofers with a medium bass are built into this Xioami soundbar. It has a frequency response range from 50Hz to 25000Hz.

You might think that who really needs such an item, but to be honest, great sound plays a big role in the overall experience, and this Xiaomi best selling soundbar for the best price, is receiving positive reviews from previous customers, who also recommend it. So, if you want to improve your sound, enjoy different media in your home, then you should bring your attention to it.

Best Selling Xiaomi TV Sound Bar