Smart Home Gadget Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Monitor

For a comfort living environment, it is vital to control the temperature and humidity in our homes. Many do not realize, how easy it is to do so. With different thermostats, it is all possible. Some believe, that thermostats are hard to install and can be costly. In this review, we have taken a look at an affordable, high quality thermostat, the Smart Home Gadget Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Monitor.

This monitor is compact, being 2.39 x 2.39 x 0.89 inches in size, with a weight of just 43 grams. With that, and the neutral white color that it is offered in, it is sure to fit into just about any internal design and home.

With the built in magnets, and back glue, this thermostat is easy to stick onto any wall of just about any needed room. Powered by one AAA battery, it is energy conserving, where one battery is sure to last for about a year. With the LCD screen, it is convenient to take a quick look and already know what the temperature and humidity is like.

Xiaomi Thermostat Accuracy Temperature Humidity Monitor white

This Xiaomi thermostat will provide with an accurate display of what the environment is really like. The accuracy is up to 0.1 degrees in temperature, 0.1 percent RH in humidity. Best of all, it easily connects to the Mi app, so controlling the temperature and humidity becomes just that much easier. If other Xiaomi Mi smart home appliances are installed, such as conditioner and humidifier, one can turn them on through their phone, once they see that the temperature and humidity reach a too high or too low of a level.

Full detailed instruction on how to properly and easily connect the thermostat, is available in the manual, that is included in the package.

Xiaomi temperature and humidity thermostat is a convenient item, for setting and living in a comfortable environment. It is affordable and decently priced, high quality, and extremely easy to install. Connection to the app, is just an added bonus. If you are in search of a thermostat for controlling, then the Xiaomi one might be perfect, convenient and affordable for you.