Xiaomi Precise Control Smart Induction Cooker

Plenty of time during the day is spent on cooking meals for ourselves and our families. Many different dishes are needed, which can become a mess, with loads to wash at the end of the day. To make it a tad bit simple, many invest in kitchen appliances that provide with the opportunity to cook with several different methods in one dish. We have reviewed a similar item, the Xiaomi DCL01CM Precise Control Smart Induction Cooker.

This cooker is of a circular shape, and is offered in a neutral white color. The size of it is approximately 10.43 x 10.43 x 2.76 inches, with a weight of 2 kilograms and 100 grams, easy to fit on any kitchen counter.

Xiaomi Precise Control Smart Induction Cooker

This cooker has precise temperature control, with up to 99 different temperatures for all your different needs. With its stable heating, dual frequency heating technology has been used for the experience to be somewhat similar to stove cooking, but much more convenient. There is also a low temperature cooking mode for different foods such as meat and fish. With such method, the juice and freshness of the food items is conserved for better taste. There are up to 100 different cooking modes, where you can actually choose between frying, boiling, steaming, hot pot, soup and more.

Xiaomi DCL01CM Induction Cooker

With the external temperature probe, regulating the heat is easy and safe. The entire cooker is made out of non-slip material, making it stable and durable. Water and electricity are separated and isolated to prevent leakages and damages. This Xiaomi precise control induction cooker is easy to use. Just press the button for two seconds to open or close, then rotate to select the mode, and turn the button to select temperature. The package includes an instruction manual for more details.

Smart Induction Cooker

Xiaomi Smart Induction Cooker is rather safe, durable, and convenient. Food can be prepared in one dish for the entire family. Different modes are precisely calculated to provide with the best tasting dishes. Just about anything can be cooked in this appliance and best of all, it takes up little space in the kitchen!

Xiaomi Smart Induction Cooker

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