Smart Air Detector Gadget To Monitor Air Quality Promo Sale

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector is a powerful gadget that will be able to show you the quality of the air in your room to ensure you stay healthy and energized. This high-end gadget is equipped with 3.1 inch super clear IPS screen with 15 degrees elevation angle which makes it easy and convenient to check the up-to-date information. Moreover, the screen features automatic brightness adjustment to ensure your eyes feel comfortable.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector

But there is more to that as the gadget features extremely precise measurement due to the quad-core A7 processing and multi-mode compensation algorithm. You can always rely on the monitor. The device also provides information about the outdoor air via MiHome app. This app will also provide intelligent tips on how to improve air quality in the house in case it is not up to standards.

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