Xiaomi Shaver Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Recently, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, has become popular on the gadget market, presenting to the world very interesting and functional products. One very popular health gadget of this brand that we have reviewed, is the Xiaomi Shaver Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver. Electric shavers are needed for just about all men.

This Xiaomi razor looks really attractive and compact. Smooth modernized shape of it reminds many more of a perfume bottle or another computer gadget. But in reality, it is actually a really great electric shaver! The body of the shaver is made out of high quality Japanese steel 60HRС, with wear resistance and strength. On the front side of the razor, you can find the Mijia logo. The assembly itself does not bring up any disapprovals, with no complaints. The back side of the shaver shows the power characteristics – 5V, 1A and the battery left. There is also an icon telling us that you do not need to wash or hold the razor under water. At the bottom there is a USB type-C port for charging and a small bright charge indicator.

Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver

The working area itself, namely the head, is covered with sn-co alloy. A small power button is hidden under the cover of the working area, on the right side. Blades on this shaver are made out of strong and long-term Japanese steel. The unique geometric design, allows you to comfortably hold it during the process. The shaver’s motor provides with 7200 rpm speed, and also has a noise level of not more than 65 dB, which is acceptable for use at all times, for example, in the early morning or late at night. Small sizes of 5.50 × 1.32 × 9.20 cm and weight of 100 grams, makes it possible for you to take the razor on trips. The razor fits easily in the pocket of any pants, and USB Type-C will allow you to charge the shaver even from a compact portable charger. The built-in battery will provide with 30 days of operation, when using the shaver for about 3 minutes a day. The shaver is suitable only for dry shaving.

Shaver Xiaomi Mi Home Rechargeable Electric Shaver is a perfect travel companion, due to its size and most importantly, very long usage time and quick charging. Wear-resistant materials provides with durability. Also, the razor is easy to clean off. The design itself is elegant and convenient to use. Price of it is also affordable!

Xiaomi Shaver Mi Home