Daily Bicycle Xiaomi QiCycle XC650 Smart Mountain Bike

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Xiaomi QICYCLE XC650 Smart Bike

Xiaomi QICYCLE XC650 Smart Mountain Bike 27.5 inch
11-speed, Disc Brake Aluminum Alloy MTB Bicycle
with Location System

Xiaomi QICYCLE Smart BikeTo make cycling more safe and efficient in different road conditions, this bike has an oil pressure shock proof system. This makes the brakes more durable, controlling and sensitive. In addition, each bike has its own unique ID. After downloading the app, one can scan the QR code and the built-in SIM chip with LBS + GPS + AGPS locating, lowers the risk of bike theft. The locating module has a 2.6 Ah Li-on battery, that charges to the fullest from a USB cable, within 4 hours. After being fully charged, it last for approximately 15 days. Another great part about this bike, is that it is very lightweight, being only 13.6 KG.
Xiaomi QiCycle XC650 smart mount bike is an item for those who enjoy other forms of biking, and not only in the calm city atmosphere. This bicycle is heavy-duty, and will last for quite the time, and is safe for use in any weather condition and atmosphere.