Waterproof Mini Electric Shaver Palm Size Charging Razor

Razors can be scary. They can be dangerous. And intimidating. However, not the Xiaomi Smate Electric Turbine Razor which looks like an average modern gadget with a sleek and compact design. The gadget is, undoubtedly, IPX7 waterproof because it will be used in highly humid bathroom conditions. Moreover, the four-blade electric shaver features a high-speed motor that ensures that shaving is effective, fast, but also gentle.

Xiaomi Palm Size Charging Razor

The shaver has a battery that is enough for 45 minutes shave on a single charge. The recharge will take about 1 to 2 hours, but thanks to the charging indicator you will never find yourself in a situation that the razor ran out of power. The head of the shaver was specifically designed to make the process more comfortable and fit your facial angle.

Waterproof Mini Electric Shaver