Xiaomi News, About MIUI 9

During a special event in Beijing, Xiaomi demonstrated MIUI 9, Mi AI Speaker and other novelties. And here is brief review.


The new version of the Xiaomi user interface. The biggest improvement here is image search – photos can be found be key words. Another new thing is Smart app Launcher – the system opens the app according to the screen content. Lastly, MIUI has a Smart assistant – it can find anything.

Xiaomi MIUI 9

Mi AI Speaker

Xiaomi’s smart speaker with an omnidirectional microphone for capturing voice from 360 degrees. The speaker can determine its location and produce sound in a way that echo doesn’t spread. The speaker can play music, read audiobooks, broadcast radio and control a smart home. Apparently, Xiaomi is creating the whole universe of its smart devices, just like many other brands.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker