Multi-mode Riding Bike Ergonomic Folding Electric Bicycle

Electric bikes are famous for their contribution towards environment. They do not require a license or registration or insurance, and is thought to be a sustainable mode of transportation that’s cost-effective in the long term. Traditionally folding bikes are created with small wheels to create their foldability easy. If you are searching for a folding bike with a blend of style, function, performance and inexpensive price,Xiaomi HIMO V1 Electric Moped Bicycle is a significant alternative.

Xiaomi HIMO V1 Multi-mode Riding Ergonomic Folding Electric Bicycle would become your true friend and helper because it would allow you to make out the best from the good weather and free time. And if you would like to use it to go to work, then it would help you wake up and re-energize. The electric bike features ergonomic design, therefore, it is comfy to ride on it.

Xiaomi Multi-mode Riding Electric Bike

Moreover, the folding moped features a 250W motor that has a 20 km/h max speed. And it is enough to drive for 30 km on the pure electric mode. But if you would like to save up come charge and exercise a bit, you can go on a moped mode for 50 km. The 12 inch inflatable rubber tire will ensure that you ride smoothly on any type of ground. Finally, this electric bicycle is very easy to carry as it features portable design.


    • Speed: 20km / h
    • Power Continuous Sailing Mileage: ≥ 50km
    • Electric Continuous Sailing Mileage: about 30km
    • 100km Of Electricity Consumption: 1.25kW·h / 100km
    • Load Capacity: up to 100kg
    • Battery Type: 18650 battery
    • Product Weight: 16.7kg
    • Package Weight: 17.0kg

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