Smart Home Infrared Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Night Light

Motion sensitive lights are perfect for securing the outside of your house, business or indoor, and let you easily navigate your home without needing to flip any switches. Such light isn’t only secure but also economic. Outdoor sensor lights are usually necessary for safety, security or to just offer illumination when you’re around. IN this brief review we will observe, the Xiaomi MiJIA Motion Sensor Night Light. It’s a dimmable smart lamp that will help you to decrease your electricity bills significantly. This night light is equipped with two sensors: Body infrared sensor and light sensor which means that the lamp will automatically turn off during daytime. But when it’s dark it will turn on when a human comes into the room.

Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Night Light

The sensor angle is 120 Degree and the Sensor Range is 5-7m, which creates quite a big area for you to be detected. The lamp takes energy from 3* AA batteries, though the output is so low (0,25W) that the lamp can work from 6 to 12 months. And the last but definitely not the least – the lamp was designed in the way that makes it easy to be suspended, pasted or just placed and it would still be in harmony with all other items of the room. Right now you can buy Xiaomi Motion Sensor Lamp with big discount.


    • 0.25W power
    • Color temperature: 2700K
    • Lumens:  0.7lm-3.8lm
    • Body Infrared sensor
    • Light Sensor
    • Sensor Angle: 120 Degree
    • Sensor Range:  up to 7 meters
    • Delay Times: 15s
    • Operating Temperature: -10 – + 40 ℃

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