Best Home Theater Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Laser Projector

Projectors are often used for demonstrating presentations, certain videos, movies, etc. Usually, users don’t really require top image quality in a projector, it just has to be visible. However, if you appreciate true colours and breathtaking visuals, there is a best device which is the world’s first ultra-short projector with advanced laser display, that’s worth looking at. It is Home Theater Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Laser Projector and here’s a review.

Actually, Xiaomi Mi projector is a totally unique device – it’s the first ever ultra-short with advanced laser display technology (ALPD). Thanks to ALPD, the device is able to deliver stunning Full HD image with a huge size – up to 150 inches. At the same, you don’t have to place the device too far. Because of an advanced ultra-short focal lens, 50cm is enough to produce a 150-inch screen. The lens also provides 5 000 ANSI of brightness, over 85% NTSC colour overlay and 3000:1 static contrast ratio. Thanks to all these things, the Xiaomi Mi projector is like a home cinema in terms of image quality.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

But there is another component required for an ideal movie experience – audio. Thankfully, Xiaomi Mi projector has a lot to offer here too. Using a custom 30W high-frequency speaker system, the device supports high-quality audio, like Dolby and DTS-HD. As a result, the projector delivers a fantastic cinematic combination of a rich sound and beautiful visuals. No need to go to the movie theatre – you can watch films on a huge screen at home.

Lastly, let’s not forget that it’s a relatively small gadget, so you can take it on the road too. In fact, the projector can work well in any environment and it has a long service life – 20 000 hours. That’s, by the way, enough to last for 34 years if using it for 2 hours every day.

All in all, if top-notch image quality is what you’re looking for in a projector, this unique device certainly is for you. With Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Laser Projector, the experience will be magical.