Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker and New Mobile Accessories

Xiaomi continues to expand its line-up with more interesting devices and they don’t include smartphones or tablets. Just recently, the company expanded its range with a set of new mobile accessories. There are three types of new Xiaomi accessories and here’s their quick overview:

  • Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 – this is a functional gadget that allows users to extend the “power” of Wi-Fi. This Xiaomi gadget can be plugged into the wall socket and it provides high data transfer speed – up to 300Mbps. The repeater is fitted with two antennas and can connect to 16 different devices;

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2

  • Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini – a compact wireless device for listening to music. The speaker can easily fit in the palm of the hand, its body is made from sleek aluminium and it weighs only 86g. The speaker produces 2W of power and can boast battery time of 4 hours;
    Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini construction
  • Mi Power Bank 2 – Xiaomi added a couple of new high-capacity power banks to the line-up. The accessories have capacities of 10 000mAh and 20 000mAh. The dimensions aren’t the smallest but they still can fit into the backpack for carrying around. Both models give away 2.4A of current with 5.1V voltage ensuring fast and steady charging.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 ports

News via: XIAOMI