Xiaomi Air Purifier Max Triple-Layer Air Cleaner

This air purifier is offered in a neutral white color, fitting for just about any home or office interior. Size of this item is about 15.2 x 15.2 x 37.99 inches, with a weight of 18.0 kilograms. This makes it rather large, but it can still be moved around if needed to do so. Made out of ABS material, it is durable and long lasting for plenty of usage.
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Max

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Xiaomi Air purifier MAX is made to clean the air in a building up to 120 square meters. This makes it rather powerful. With the new air pressurization system, this air purifier cleans at a rate of 1000 cubic meters per one minute. With that being said, a room of 21 square meters will be cleaned in just 3 minutes of time. Dual air inlet system on the left and right side, helps provide with more amount of clear and pure air.
This air purifier includes three layers of filter. Filters are place on the right and left side, and are easy to replace when needed. They are made to capture and hold in all particles including PM2.5 and other harmful ones.
Different sensors are installed into this air purifier that help detect the Air Quality Index. Temperature and humidity sensors are also installed, to know what that is like in the room. It has an OLED display, that provides with information on the PM2.5, WiFi connection status, temperature and humidity.
With connection to the Mi Home app, this air purifier can easily be controlled and data can be viewed, right from your mobile device. Power cord of this Xiaomi Mi Air MAX is 1.6 meters for connection, and it works quietly with noise being 34 to 63.5dB.
Xiaomi Mi Air purifier MAX Air Cleaner can keep air clean in a large area, quickly and quietly. It is efficient and high quality, however on the pricier side.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Max
Triple-Layer Air Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Max