Smart Home Mopping Xiaomi Handheld Electric Cleaning Mop

Operating it is also extremely easy, and can be done with just one hand. It is easy to open and spray the water, and filling the inlet can be done with the included measuring cup. Made out of flexible material, this electric mop can rotate in any direction, to reach all angles and corners, as well as includes an LED light that shows where you need to reach. With the 1000 times per minute mopping frequency and a powerful motor, this device is sure to remove just about any dirt.
Floor Cleaning with Xiaomi Smart Handheld Electric Mop
A big part in the overall cleaning experience, plays the mopping pad. This Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop has three kinds in the package. The first one if a normal durable mopping pad, with hard spiral fibers for heavy dirt and soft fibers for water absorption. Durable terry mopping pad, has a terry edge, for picking up different hairs. As well as that, there is a disposable mop, that does not harm the environment. One just needs to step on the mark, to lift the device, and change the mop on it.
2000mAh battery is installed, that provides with up to 50 minutes of usage time when it is fully charged. With that being said, it can clean a home as large as 100 square meters about three to four times. In order to save energy, one can place it in the upright position, for it to shutoff. Three different power indicators are also provided, that display 100 percent, 65 percent of 30 percent of battery left.
This Xiaomi Handheld Electric Cleaning Mop is an item that provides with easy and quick cleaning of your floors. It is compact, powerful and overall a great item to own.

Xiaomi Handheld Electric Cleaning Mop
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1000 times/min frequency + 90 degree rotation

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