Best Selling Xiaomi HiFi Bluetooth Speaker

All of your audio will be sharp, crisp and clean, with all details heard ideally, just the way you want to. Operating this speaker is easy. One just needs to press on the top of the aluminum barrel for two seconds. Once it is turned on, it will go into Bluetooth pairing mode, where you will see it on your gadget such as computer or mobile phone. Controlling the volume or pausing/playing, can also be done by rotating the top.
Original Xiaomi HiFi Mi Speaker

Original Xiaomi Mi HiFi Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with just about any Bluetooth powered device, at a distance of 10 meters. A HiFi microphone is installed, providing with the option of even hands free talking on your mobile phone. 1200mAh lithium battery is installed, which is made to charge via a USB cable in about 3 hours. Once it is fully charged, the battery is made to provide with up to 7 hours of usage time. In size, this original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker is 6.00 cm X 6.00 cm X 9.33 cm with the weight being only 260 grams. Such dimensions, makes it easy to bring it along with you and use wherever you want.
portable Original Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is a convenient item to have in the home. It allows you to fully enjoy your audio or other forms of media. It is beautiful, compact and durable. Price of this device is also rather affordable! Bring your attention, if you are wanting something similar.