Daily Full Data Tracking Best Smart Body Scale

An excessive amount of body fat is never good, but too much muscle might prove equally as risky. In general body fat ought to be the key concern and focus. If you believe that a scale having the capacity to rate your body-fat is extraordinary, you will be more amazed at the new benefits which were included in the following smart body scale. Xiaomi YUNMAI Mini 2 is a smart scale which will provide you with very accurate information about your weight thanks to the BIA technology. The device is equipped with 4 high-precision pressure sensors, and it can withstand the weight of up to 150kg. The precision increment of the measurement is 0,1 kg. The device shows the data immediately after you step on it, so no more tapping and jumping or whatsoever.

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Also, if you will provide the device with 10 physical indexes, you will get information about the body weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolism rate ( BMR ), visceral fat, physical age, protein and moisture mass. The device is also equipped with memory slot, so you can track the dynamics of your body weight and the rest of the metrics. Fell better and look better with the device.