Best Selling Xiaomi Innovative Digital Baby Thermometer

It is convenient for parents to know the baby’s temperature visually and quickly. Parents can set the high or low temperature, when the baby’s temperature reaches the preset temperature, the phone will raise the alarm instantly. This is very handy when you can’t spend all the evening next to your baby, working while he sleeps or leaving him with a grandma.

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Xiaomi Digital Baby Thermometer
I would also notice that the thermometer has a nice laconic plastic case, which is very comfortable to carry around. Another stroke of convenient design is that you can connect this gadget to Mi Home and not even download a special app for it. You connect the unit to you smartphone via Bluetooth and check the temperature on the screen. Keep in mind that this gadget will require special recycling afterwards – it is clearly depicted on the back that throwing in ordinary bin is prohibited. The unit is washable (or you can simply spray it with a sanitizer). One possible flaw I found is the lack of sticking matched clinical tape pieces – there are only 20 of them, which would last for about 2 months.
Essentially, Xiaomi Mi Digital Baby Thermometer will serve very well for those who already enjoy Mi Home devices and apps. If you have a smart body scale, air humidifier, fitness tracker – you’ll easily get around with all that digitization and data schedules. This device is perfect for young progressive parents who want to be smart about their kid’s health care.

Xiaomi Mi Innovative Digital Baby Thermometer
IPX6 waterproof, Continuous remote monitoring

Xiaomi Mi Waterproof Digital Baby Thermometer