Best Selling Colorful HD Anti-fog Swimming Goggles

The structure is ergonomically streamlined and also has a soft memory silicone gasket inside to properly dissipate the stress around the eyelids as well as stop the framework from dripping. The headband of the safe swim glasses is of a split-type design in silicone, which readjusts the size of the headband according to the head form. The Swimming glasses is designed to give a clear view undersea and also is developed with a flexible and comfortable headband, which fits all kinds of head sizes. The headband is very easy to wear as well as simple to get rid of and also change the size.

Xiaomi Colorful HD Anti-fog Swimming Goggles

It likewise decreases glare damage to the eyes. Coworkers’ lenses have different shades of light at different angles. Its lens is inside coated with an anti-fog layer to stop unintentional fog because of temperature level distinctions between the warm and cold, makes sure nothing hampers the wearer view undersea. The nose stump is replaceable. The mirror finish maintains the undersea vision the same as well as gives a broad field of vision.


  • Polycarbonate, PY, Silicone
  • Goggles size: 165x43x35mm
  • Ear plug size: 13x13x26.5mm
  • nose clip size: 24x24x22mm
  • Colorful Anti-fog Goggles – 1
  • Waterproof Nose Clip – 1

Best Selling Colorful HD Swimming Goggles

Xiaomi Yunmai Colorful HD Anti-fog Swim Goggles