Mi Plastic Luggage Xiaomi 90 Minutes Spinner Wheel Suitcase

Suitcases are much needed items when being on the road. They are much more comfortable and convenient than regular duffle bags, which many people tend to use. Modern suitcases are usually hard in texture, durable, sleek and quiet. In this review, we have chosen to take a look at the original Mi Plastic Luggage Xiaomi 90 Minutes Spinner Wheel Suitcase.

This suitcase trendy and high quality. It is made out of durable PC material, with three different layers of compressive structure. This all makes it withstand many travels, without damage. As well as that, this Xiaomi suitcase has great elasticity. With that being said, it return to its original shape and different dents will rarely be present.

Xiaomi 90 Minutes Spinner Wheel Suitcase

Offered in four different color options starting from black, blue, gray, and lastly white. Everyone is provided with the choice to choose the right one for them, although all colors are neutral. The suitcase itself is extremely lightweight, the 20 inch suitcase it about 2 kilograms and 900 grams, while the 24 inch is a little bit heavier being 3 kilograms and 500 grams. That is another great option for buyers, they have an option between the 20 inch suitcase which is 36L, and the 24 inch suitcase which is 64L.

Original Xiaomi Luggage Suitcase

Xiaomi Original suitcase comes with a honeycomb pattern, which is stylish and great looking. Drawbars on this suitcase are made out of thick aluminum alloy material, with four different segments of height adjustment. Four wheels on this suitcase are made out of TPE material, which makes the shockproof, elastic, and very quiet. It is also very convenient, since the suitcase can be turned 360 degrees, in any direction when rolling it, due to the four wheels.

When opening the suitcase, it includes various pockets and compartments for organizing different items. With the X shaped elastic belt it will be easy to fixate items in one place. On the side, there is also a TSA coded lock for protection of your items. 24 inch suitcase also includes a dust cover for storing it.

Original Xiaomi suitcase is convenient for travellers. It is sleek in size, durable, and trendy. It will help keep your items organized and protected.

Xiaomi Plastic Luggage