Xiaomi 2S Smart Air Purifier Intelligent Air Cleaner

Without further ado, there is what to say about the build and design of the purifyer. It is rather large, but Xiaomi managed to make such a massive gizmo with lots of openings sleek and hi-tech as well. The back cover is easy to open and has a manual on removing and replacing a filter – very easy.
On the bottom there are rubber feet to prevent sliding. Inside there is also a power cable, and though it has a Chinese plug, that is easily mendable by buing another cable or an adapter.
Original Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S

Original Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S,
Mi Home App Control Intelligent Air Cleaner
3 layered 360-degrees barrel filter

The filter performs 3-step purification. The first step is catching big debris, the second catches bacteria and chemical compounds, and the third is made of charcoal. Luckily, this smart gadget will caution the owner when the filter is almost full. As the vast majority of Xiaomi gadgets, this purifyer is commanded via an app. Moreover, it oftentimes replaces OLED display, because it is more comfy to check the needed information on your smartphone.
Actually most of the users will find out that they don’t pay that much of attention to the purifier in a week after the purchase. Thus, you can go for a simpler version without OLED display and save some money. If you connect the device via home router, it can be operated by app when you are far from home – switch it on from your smartphone, and the purifier will clean the air before you come.
As it turns out, Xiaomi air purifier is a decent instument both in Xiaomi smart home line and in comparison to other brand’s gadgets. For a fraction of the price you will get a powerful and stylish house asset.