XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Projector JBL DLP Home Theater

The closer summer is, the more outdoor fun we plan. One of the possibilities – an outdoor movie broadcast for a bunch of friends or just for two of you. All you need for this is Internet, some even surface and a good projector with speakers. In this review we check out XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Portable Projector JBL 1080P Full HD DLP Home Theater. On this model XGIMI paired up with JBL, so it promises premium sound too.

In the kit they give you a tripod that you can mount your projector on, a pair of 3D active glasses, wall charging brick and two extra leather straps for carrying the projector. Moreover, the projector itself comes in a cool gray suede-feeling case – that not only looks good but also makes carrying around easier. The item has a nice design, a solid silver body with kind of Marshall-style details and some weight to it. A white remote control has really innovative design with vinyl-looking silver bottoms – pleasant to eye and to hand as well. By the way, this unit switches on just by sliding down the front panel.

XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Projector

Another key point is that XGIMI CC Aurora Full HD DLP Home Theater has about 2 hours of running charge-free, so you can use it on the go, show films at the backyard of give free lectures in the park. Default home screen is pretty clear and has only the necessary apps, like YouTube and Web browser, so it’s intuitive and carefree in operation. 1080 p quality video is sharp and crystal clear, and JBL speakers give a rich, deep and voluminous sound. Also, you can hook this up to an external speaker to maximize the sound. Looking close enough to the screen, you can actually see sharp square pixels even from an angle. In addition, 4-corner keystone correction makes the picture even and harmonious.

Ultimately, XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Portable Projector JBL 1080P Full HD DLP Home Theater is a good choice if you have been holding out to find the most quality-to-price effective ratio. It seems to be the best brand’s item after the XGIMI H1, with a couple bucks drop in price. The 3D experience is indeed phenomenal, and JBL sound is a nice extra for music lovers.

JBL DLP Home Theater