Smart Bike Computer With Long Beam Distance LED Light

Bike Computers Even if cycling is simply a pastime, investing in a bike computer might not be a poor idea. If you want to buy a cycle computer then you have to understand a bit about what they are in fact able to do. Most bike computers don’t have a built-in front light. Yes, a bike computer is really a remarkable little gadget. No matter your requirements, the next bike computer will meet your expectations. XANES SFL15 3 is a new word in always-being-on-time world. It is a Smart Bike Computer, that will keep track of your movement all the time: through day and night, sun and rain. It is also equipped with frontal LED light of 800LM brightness which has four modes: Strong, Weak, Flash and Fluorescent Yellow.

Smart Bike Computer With LED Light

Good news is that from now on you can feel free to use the in-built horn of 120db and 6 sound modes, which means that you can avenge yourself for all that times people in cars horned at you. The computer is equipped with 1500mAh big capacity lithium battery, which lasts for 3 to 5 hours in functioning mode and takes only 4 hours to recharge. The bike gadget is water resistant and very easy to install and detach. This cycling computer may be worthwhile investment, no matter your ability level or even the kind of bike you ride. It is a small but a really smart device that is attached to your bike and is designed with the sole purpose of recording data and information from each of your rides.

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