Simple and Elegant OLED Display Waterproof Sports Smartband

There are a number of important characteristics to look at when deciding on a sensible watch with android. The smart band Xanes H8S is an elegant and powerful device to keep track of time and health. The smart band is equipped with various monitors, which allow you to get the data regarding the calories burnt, hourly heart rate, steps made and distance made.

With improved battery, the smart wearable fitness band will reportedly last much more than other similar smart bands. It packs one of the best sets of activity-tracking features, including an accurate heart-rate sensor and a built-in GPS. So, all the essentials to stay healthy. The display comes with an OLED Color Screen with 0.66-inch size. OLED display is crystal clear and crisp, as created from organic light-emitting materials and do not need any backlight panel.

Elegant OLED Display Smartband

It can also connect with your phone (compatible with Android 4.4+ ad IOS8.0+) and receive notifications, SMS and calls. You can also adjust it to gently vibrate to wake you up, which is far less humiliating than alarm. The charging time of the device takes just 2 hours, and the charge can last up to 10 days in standby mode. It’s laden with all the sensors you will need for just about any fitness tracking task you are able to think about. The device is 100% waterproof, therefore, it will live through anything. Finally, the smart watch also features a remote camera to allow you to quickly record something.

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