WT2 – Portable Earphone Translator

People who often travel to other countries have a common problem – language barrier. Of course, carrying a dictionary on you isn’t a solution, so it has to be something compact and effective. In fact, there is a new device that perfectly fits the description – WT2 Earphone.

The device looks like a Bluetooth headset – you put it in your ear and it starts working. Most importantly, WT2 is miniature and very comfortable for using. The device is an ideal assistant for tourists – it can translate speech from another language in real time. The earphone supports speech recognition, machine learning and 5 languages: Chinese, English, German, French and Japanese. Obviously, the list of languages will be bigger in time.

Apart from that, WT2 is equipped with a fantastic noise reduction system for seamless translation. Similar to AirPods, the earphone comes with a stylish carrying case which also serves as a charger.

As mentioned before, WT2 was launched on Kickstarter and successfully raised the necessary funds within a week. The headset is available for pre-order for $149.