Write your Own Music by Mixing Different Sounds

Novation Launch Control XL Live Controller is a perfect tool if you lack creativity in your life and would like to add more flavor to it. With this gadget, you can write your own music by mixing different sounds. Thanks to the fully customizable software editor, you can experiment and make your own layouts. You can start mixing music straight away – the Ableton Life Lite Software is included.

Due to special design, you can focus on your music and not wor laptop as it is very easy to use the pad. The device is equipped with 16 multi-color buttons which are here to help you conduct Track Focus. It is also equipped with 24 rotary ports with 300-degree motion 24 multicolor indicator LEDs – one port for one indicator. The device supports various mixer controls such as Cubase, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. It is charged through a USB port.

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