World’s First Three-Sided Toothbrush

There are several items that you always take everywhere with you and one of them is a toothbrush. The first patent on a toothbrush was received by H.N. Wadsworth in the middle of the 19th century and now we can’t imagine our life without them. Modern toothbrushes have two kinds: regular or electric. Traditional toothbrushes are still more widespread but a lot of people have already turned to electric ones because they provide more efficient cleaning. You can find all kinds of these devices on the market at all prices. However, this field is developing to give mankind innovative and more useful products. And one of them comes from the company Triple Bristle and it might even be a total revolution in the toothbrush industry. So let’s find out more about this interesting device.

Of course, it is still a portable electric toothbrush that you have to charge occasionally. You can use at home or take on any trip or travel. But this toothbrush is more than that. Triple Bristle overshadows all the other electric devices on the market due to one quality – this is the first 3-sided sonic toothbrush in the world. What does it mean, you may ask? Does it really make this toothbrush an oral hygiene expert?

First Three-Sided Toothbrush 3

Oh, yes, it does. The 3-sided patented construction is considered by the company a significant improvement that will completely revolutionize such a simple procedure as brushing teeth. Regular toothbrushes clean only one side and you have to spend more time polishing your teeth. But a unique 3-sided design of Triple Bristle will help you reduce this time without losing efficiency.
Actually, it only increases it due to this “all-around” construction accompanied by sonic energy. 3 sides of this toothbrush clean all surfaces of your teeth – front, back and top – simultaneously. It means that the whole teeth-brushing process takes 1/3 of the regular time. Plus, there is a built-in 2 minute timer, so you know exactly when to finish. Not only is it fast, it’s also extremely effective. 31 thousand sonic strokes per minute ensure outstanding oral health.

First Three-Sided Toothbrush

Another advantage of this toothbrush is its smooth functioning. Many electric toothbrushes are said to be too vigorous when it comes to cleaning. With Triple Bristle, this isn’t the case at all. Sonic bristles are very soft, even tender on teeth and gums. There are 3 modes that you can choose from, depending on your preferences: high, gentle or massage. Apart from that, this gentleness makes this toothbrush totally safe for braces, implants or dentures.

As a result, you get a pretty versatile product which specializes in keeping your breath fresh and your teeth clean. Not only teeth – the toothbrush also has a tongue cleaner with a fantastic system which kills all harmful bacteria in your mouth. And as we all know, fresh breath increases self-confidence.


This electric doesn’t have to be your loyal companion only at home. As it is compact and portable, you can take it literally anywhere no matter how far you travel. Just don’t forget to charge it beforehand. The battery in this toothbrush lasts for a long time and the charging station is always there if the battery runs low. Also, the set includes two spare heads for the brush if you suddenly break one.

In case you’re wondering, Triple Bristle was designed and obviously approved by dentists. Having been in making for 4 years, this toothbrush came out with recommendations from the best dentists because it is a product for the best oral treatment that you can imagine. And if you don’t observe any visible results after 30 days of using Triple Bristle, you have the right to return the toothbrush with full refund and without any questions. That’s how the company cares about its customers.

To put it shortly, Triple Bristle is the ultimate teeth-brushing device which provides the best oral care. 3 moving sides and a tongue cleaner focus on every area in your mouth doing it as gently and effectively as possible.