World’s First Smart Magnetic Wax Seal

Different wax seals have always been used to put an official stamp on different documents. Earlier it has been a quite difficult and long process of melting the wax, but the 21st century has come with new technological advances and developments. We would like to introduce to you the ALUMA World’s First Smart Magnetic Wax Seal.

ALUMA has a relatively simple design, many think that it consists of just two parts, the body and the head. However, five different major components were brought together to make up such a product. Both the body of this wax seal and the head are made from aluminum material. Other three pieces come together to make the magnetic housing. The original package is made to include 10 wax pellets, where the diameter is 15 mm and the depth is 8 mm.

Smart Magnetic Wax Seal

One can even come up with their own custom engraving, and ALUMA will fill out your request. When wanted, it is very easy to switch the design, without any extra stamp handles. If additional wax pellets are needed, one can just upgrade the package for more to be included. ALUMA has spent more than 1000 hours in the laboratory, doing research and coming up with ideas to develop just the right product for users of wax seals.

If you are interested and want to bring a unique stamp for your documents, stationary or any other project, then you might want to bring your attention to this new Kickstarter project (image source). Leave your comments or contact us if you have any good ideas or projects to add to our blog.