World’s First MacBook Wireless Charger

World’s First MacBook Wireless Charger? Yes it’s possible with the MagC Pad – Wireless Charging Pad for MacBook with iPhone wireless charging capabilities. MagC can charge also Tablet, Smartphone and other mobile devices. The gadget created by MagC Team.

Today, wireless charging doesn’t seem like a total novelty on the market. The famous Qi wireless charging standard is supported by many devices, including tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and others. A huge breakthrough for wireless charging was achieved recently when Apple introduced iPhone 8 and iPhone X. From this point on, all Apple smartphones will be equipped with wireless charging support.

The reason for such popularity is simple – you don’t need to use any cables or wires for charging your devices. That’s why wireless charging is gradually taking over the mobile device market. But let’s forget about smartphones and turn our attention to other useful device – laptops. At the moment, this segment is almost completely undiscovered for wireless charging. There are only few accessories for laptops but the selection is limited. For instance, there are no suitable accessories for MacBooks whatsover.

Fortunately, this situation is about to change. If you’re a happy owner of a MacBook, get ready for a nice surprise as the market will soon witness the launch a fantastic accessory for MacBook wireless charging – the MagC charging pad.

First MacBook Wireless Charger

Many of us heard a widespread complaint about recent MacBook laptops where all ports including charging were swapped for USB-C. Many companies were looking for an alternative for MagSafe but none of them really succeeded. In this situation, the MagC looks like a total game-changer for all MacBook users. But what is this MagC?

Basically, it’s a small, compact pad fitted with two Qi Standard charging coils. Because it’s integrated with the most popular wireless charging standard, the accessory works seamlessly. The charging happens through the USB-C cable which is installed in the MagC. Besides, the gadget uses a proprietary circuit for powering your laptop.

The “bond” between is the MagC and MacBook is just a match made in heaven. The pad and a laptop complement each other perfectly. At the same time, there’s nothing complicated about using this charging pad – you just place the laptop on it and charging begins. It means that you can use the laptop without difficulties. The pad starts working only with a laptop on it – that’s called presence sensing. Also, the magnets built into the MagC will make sure that your MacBook is placed correctly.

MacBook Wireless Charger

Safety is one of the highest priorities of MagC. No cables means that you won’t stumble on them accidently and drop your laptop. With this pad, your desk will look tidy and organized while your MacBook stays safe. In addition, the cloud backup ensures that all information is unharmed even in case of the worst accidents.

Another huge advantage of the MagC is its portability. The pad will fit in any laptop case or sleeve. With MagC, you can forget about plugging your laptop in every time the battery runs out – you just take out the pad and put your MacBook on it. With such high mobility, this accessory could be essential for travelers who often need fully charged mobile devices. The MAgC ideally suits all active users who spend their time on the go.

MacBook and iPhone Wireless Charger

As for compatibility, the MagC MacBook wireless charging pad works with most Pro models starting from 2015 devices. The pad is mostly aimed at MacBook Pro laptops with all USB-C ports. Moreover, because it’s a Qi standard accessory, the gadget can charge other devices (smartphones, tablets) as well. So, if you also happen to own an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the pad could really come in handy.

The MagC wireless charging pad for MacBook is yet to be launched on Kickstarter. As soon as it happens, all interested users can visit the webpage, learn more details about the project and support it. Once the gadget raises enough money, it will certainly appear on the shelves. That’s why the destiny of this accessory is in your hands. If you’re a MacBook owner, be sure to support the project to make your life untethered because MagC is the easiest way to charge your MacBook.