Shockproof Canvas Retro Style Vintage Laptop Messenger Bag

It’s no secret that laptops have become our daily companions for every task. Unlike PCs, laptops are portable, so we can carry them at school, at college, at work, and so on. Some people keep literally everything in their laptops: study papers, work documents, photos, etc. This is why laptops require constant care and attention. Thankfully, we have mobile accessories, such as cases and sleeves. Of course, they keep your laptop protected but you need something more than that for carrying your laptop. The market offers bags and backpacks in all shapes and sizes and it can be hard to choose the best one. But in this sea of laptop bags there are really great ones which are worth fishing for. And one of the best is definitely Wonderfeel Laptop Messenger Bag.

We’ve already reviewed many messenger bags but none of them captivated us like this one. Wonderfeel Tech is quite known for their style and attention to details in their products and this laptop bag is a clear demonstration.

Retro Style Laptop Bag

The first thing you notice is the incredible design of this bag. The retro trend is quite widespread on the mobile accessory market because it looks fantastic and really appeals to customers. But Wonderfeel isn’t just about the retro style – it’s also about tech precision and every small detail tailored with devotion. Only high-quality materials were used for crafting this masterpiece of a bag. The main body is made durable canvas materials. Besides, the bag features the straps crafted from genuine leather. Every little stitch on this was done with extreme attention. As a result, we get a fashionable accessory which, by the way, suits both men and women.

As this bag is uni-sex, it has to be as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, it is. It has an ergonomic design – it means comfort and benefit for health. The handle is very reliable and strong. Plus, there is an adjustable shoulder strap which can be disconnected if you don’t need it. As you can see, there are no problems with carrying this messenger bag.

Now, let’s talk about organization. In this department, Wonderfeel bag is an absolute winner. Once you open the main zipper, you have access to the soft cotton interior with the main pocket and an extra-padded laptop compartment. It fits all devices up to 15.6 inches including the biggest MacBooks. Speaking of the main compartment, there’s enough space for your tablet, working documents, papers, and so on. On the inside, you’ll also find some other pockets for your wallet and accessories.
In addition, there are three pockets on the outside: the zippered one on the back, the magnetic one on one side (for smartphone) and a satchel for water bottles on the other side.

Retro Style MacBook Bag

However, all the beauty on the outside and the inside doesn’t always guarantee the safety of your laptop and other belongings. In this case, though, Wonderfeel did an amazing job having designed a real protector for your stuff. As mentioned before, the interior is padded, so everything inside won’t be harmed or scratched. Your laptop is held with a Velcro fastener in case of any drops.
But the real trick is on the outside. The closure system consists of 3 “layers”: secure magnetic snaps, a top zipper and strong leather buckles. Altogether, this “holy trinity” creates an invincible composition. None of your belongings will ever fall out when you drop the bag accidentally. And even if you do, durable canvas and shockproof bottom (4 layers of protection) will keep your laptop, tablet, smartphone and everything else safe and sound.

MacBook Bag

Lastly, everyone, who buys Wonderfeel messenger bag, will receive a small gift – an eagle feather keychain. This is kind of a representation of soft but powerful presence, the principle that became a foundation and a credo for the Wonderfeel Tech brand.

To sum it up, Wonderfeel Laptop Messenger Bag is nothing short of perfection. With its distinctive design and amazing organization, this bag fits everyone whether you’re a businessman, a student or an office worker. Bring some style and confidence into your life with this bag and once you get more confident, people will be attracted to you. Because Wonderfeel Tech doesn’t only change the mobile accessory market – it changes lives.