Voice Activated Coding Robot With Free Programming STEM Apps

Wonder Workshop Dash is a smart coding robot that would suit kids 6 years and older. The toy comes with a lot of features that will entertain your kid but also teach him logic and motor skills. The robot comes fully charged, you will just need to pull it out of the box to plunge into the stunning world of loops, events, conditions, and sequences. Your child will be able to play with the robot using 5 simple apps that would allow him to go through all the challenges and learn. He can make the robot navigate objects, talk, and so much. It is not just coding.

Furthermore, the robot also features a special sharing platform where children can share ideas, collaborate and create competitions. Thus, your kid will probably also make friends with that tool. Finally, the dash is easily expandable with other kits, so if you like it, you can get more.

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Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot for Kids 6+
Voice Activated, 5 Free Programming STEM Apps
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