Wireless Wall Light Controller Smart Switch

It works best in any environment starting from -20 to 60 degrees in Celsius with humidity of less than 80pct. It uses ZigBee HA protocol, that is organized by itself, where it does not require a code, and is much more simple in usage.

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Orvibo ZigBee Smart Switch

Oribo Wireless Smart Switch,
Wireless Wall Light Controller with Backlight Indicator

It is easy to install, especially with the instruction manual included in the package of the light switch. Once it is installed, it can be controlled and regulated by lightly touching the switch itself, or through your mobile device.
Controlling through mobile device is possible after downloading the ViHome НА app and connecting it. Orvibo ZigBee smart light switch also supports real time feedback status. 5 different light pattern options are available, and one can control the brightness to be anywhere from 0 to 100 percent, depending on their mood and preference. It is also compatible with just about any lamp that you have installed in your room. This light switch also works with the ZigBee smart mini hub. Output adjustable range of this light switch is 80 meters in open air.
Orvibo ZigBee smart wall switch is a convenient item for any home or office. It provides with the option to easily control the light, manually or wirelessly. It also looks very stylish and trendy on the wall, being so modern. Different sizes are offered, so make sure to choose the right one when purchasing.
Wireless Wall Light Controller Smart Switch