LIVALL Intelligent Bluetooth Smart Motorcycle Helmet

When riding motorcycles it is very important to always remember about our safety. Many motorcyclist forget about it and because of that accidents happen. The darker part of the day is always more dangerous. We have reviewed a wonderful and convenient smart helmet. This Wireless Intelligent Function Bluetooth Smart Motorcycle Helmet with LED lights and SOS Alerts.

The helmet is stylish and fashionable. The 8 LED lights are not only stylish, but provide safety. This smart helmet has a wireless operation. It comes with a transmitter module that can support up to 2 helmets. The helmets also come with a built in battery that can be fully recharged via a USB cable in just about 1 hour. After being fully charged, the helmets can be used for up to 12 hours consistently.

Wireless Smart Motorcycle Helmet

When the motorcycle is not driving, the green light will stay on. After no vibrations for a certain period of time, it will turn off automatically. When one starts riding the motorcycle, it is important to turn on the main light. After that, the central light will be red when riding and both sides will flash green. When stoping and breaking, just the red light will be on. After turning on the left-turn signal, the left yellow light begins to flash and the right light goes off.

The same happens when turning on the right turn signal. As well as that, after turning on the left-turn signal and brake at the same time, the left turn signal begins to flash with the red and yellow light, at that time, the right-turn has a red light that is on. The exact same happens when the right-turn signal and brake are on. Best of all, this smart helmet is very easy to install with the instructions that are available when purchasing.

Lastly, this smart helmet is offered for a reasonable price on the wide market. It is receiving positive feedback from other users, mostly due to its trendy design and look, and the safety that it offers.

Smart Motorcycle Helmet