Wireless NVR Home Security Kit with 4 Cameras

Installation of surveillance cameras is one of the first steps in upgrading the protection in our homes and offices. Without proper security, all of our privacy can simply and quickly be violated. In order to be confident in our safety, many invest in surveillance cameras. Szsinocam SN-NVK – 5007W10 Wireless NVR Home Security Kit with 4 Cameras is one that we have observed for this review.

These cameras are of a bullet shape and offered in a white color. They are made to work great indoors or outdoors, depending on where you want to install them. Waterproof material, makes these cameras great for usage in any weather condition. Surveillance of a home, yard, warehouse, office is all possible. It works best in different temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees in Celsius.

720 pixel camera lens is installed for high quality photographs and videos in 1280 X 720 pixel resolution. One can also adjust the brightness, color saturation, contrast, hue, and sharpness. With the 90 degree viewing angle, these cameras are made to capture everything that is surrounding without any blind spots. Built in sensors, makes it possible for the cameras to detect motion within 10 to 20 meters.

Szsinocam SN - NVK - 5007W10 Wireless NVR Kit

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For night time vision, these cameras have 4 LED lights. The LED lights help record up to 10 to 20 meters away, as well as have motion detection during the night time as well. If any unusual motion is detected, an alarm will trigger to aware the owners. Easy installation is another great feature. Since the camera basically just needs to be plugged in.

Through WiFi, one can connect the cameras to their mobile device, computer, tablet and so on for easy controlling and viewing. The App that is available for Android and Apple devices is called “IP Pro.”

Szsinocam SN – NVK – 5007W10 Wireless NVR Kit with four cameras is a convenient home security kit. Four cameras will provide with the opportunity to install them both indoors and outdoors for security and safety. The price is affordable and decent, and the quality is great. On the market, this kit is offered with a EU plug or a US plug, depending on your location.

Wireless NVR Home Security Kit with 4 Cameras

Wireless NVR Home Security Kit with 4 Cameras