Wireless Microphone with Built-In Speaker for Karaoke

Karaoke is a great form of entertainment for everybody. Small kids often jump around singing something. The same applies to youngsters and even older people. Every one of us loves music and it’s quite tempting to imagine as if you were a celebrity and try to sing your favourite song. That’s karaoke bars are always full on weekends. However, instead of going to bars, you can enjoy karaoke at home. And we have a product that would help you make this process even more fun. This is a Wireless Microphone with Built-In Speaker, called MIKEY. And here is our review.
This functional device will be your constant companion if you’re a fan of singing. First of all, MIKEY is very portable – it weighs only 201g. The mic comes in a special case with compartments for charging cables and the band for the mic itself. The case can be carried in your bag or backpack no matter where you go. But when you finally pull it out, MIKEY immediately draws attention because of its elegant design. It is made of aluminium and magnesium alloy which doesn’t only look good but provides maximum durability.
Wireless Microphone