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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Sports Earbud

In-ear Earphone Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

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Built in 100 mAh li-on battery that charges quickly, and will provide with 7 hours of usage time, and 280 hours in standby mode. The on-cord control system on the earphones is separated, where the microphone and volume buttons are not together, for a clearer talking experience. MEMS microphone also provides loud and strong sound, and talking on the phone hands free will be more enjoyable and convenient. Bluetooth 4.1 offers quick connection in just about 3 seconds, to any mobile device, and will work up to 10 meters away. As well as that, the earphones can be connected up to 2 devices at the same time.
Best In-ear Earphone Xiaomi Mi review
Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth earphones are a great item for a decent price, that will provide with high audio sound, hands free talking experience and enjoyment when exercising or for daily tasks. Previous users are loving them, and we recommend you take a look at them as well.
Best In-ear Earphone Xiaomi Mi

In-ear Earphone Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Sports Earbuds