Wireless 2.4GHz Smart Digital Video Baby Monitor

This digital video baby monitor has many convenient and great features. Its neutral white color that it is offered in fits well with any interior design. The size of this baby monitor is 12.50 x 6.50 x 6.50 cm, with the weight being only 157 grams. This makes it portable and compact, fitting in just any bag to bring along with you to any needed place.
The camera of this baby monitor has a CMOS 1/3 sensors with the field of view angle being 60 degrees. This provides with a clear and sharp view of your child and everything that is surrounding him or her.

Wireless 2 4GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor
For night time or just the darker parts of the day, this camera has IR cut night vision, with IR LEDs for a great view of up to 5 meters away from the installment. A MIC and a speaker are built into this baby monitor, which makes it easy to communicate back and forth with your child and hear him when you are not in the room.
To calm down your baby, build in lullabies are provided, which will help your child fall asleep. Temperature monitoring is also available, so that you child has a comfortable environment. 450 mAh Li-polymer battery is installed for plenty of usage time. The transmission range is 300 meters with the 2.4GHz wireless technology. The camera also comes along with a 2.4 inch HD LCD display, on which one views the full picture.
This wireless 2.4GHz digital video baby monitor is a high quality, reasonably priced item. It will provide parents with a source of communication and view of their small child. This makes not only the child feel safe, but the parent feels calm as well. Other unique features make it a beloved item among families with small members.

Wireless Smart Video Baby Monitor

Wireless 2 4GHz Video Baby Monitor