2.4-inch LCD Display Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Babies tend to be very active and sometimes it is overwhelming to keep up with the house work and looking after the baby. SP880 2.4-inch LCD Display Wireless Video Baby Monitor was designed to specially solve this issue. In this review, we have looked deeper into the main features of the product and are ready to share it with you.

SP880 Video Wireless Baby Monitor

The baby monitor is equipped with a 2.4G wireless technology. It also has a digital signal encryption transmission to ensure safety and privacy of the recordings. The transmission range is 200m in the open are and 30m if there are any obstacles. The camera has a good resolution of 640 x 480pxl. It also has an automatic night vision up to 5 m, meaning you can see the baby when when it’s dark. Unfortunately, there is no IR-CUT optical filter, so there might be minor color difference.

SP880 Wireless Baby Monitor LCD Display

The monitor has a 2.4-inch high definition LCD display to ensure sharp and clear image. The monitor has another interesting feature: built-in lullabies which could help parents to comfort the baby to fall asleep. Additionally, a two-way audio between the camera and the monitor allows you to talk back to the baby. Finally, Wireless Baby Monitor has a thermometer, so it can measure room temperature and provide parents with an up-to-date information.

The wireless monitor is small and portable; thus, you can carry it with you anywhere. The screen has a scratch protector. SP880 Wireless Baby Monitor comes with a camera, 2 power adapters and a user manual.

With this handy item, there would be no need to worry about your little one. Built-in audio, night vision, thermometer, lullabies will allow you to see your child any time of the day, interact with him, and track any changes in temperature. So, in our dynamic lifestyle such an item is irreplaceable. Get one to always keep your eye on the baby.

SP880 Wireless Baby Monitor Temperature Monitoring Lullabies