Will Apple Solve iPhone 8 Plus Battery Problems?

At the end of last week, the Internet had the first reports about problems with the battery in iPhone 8 Plus. In particular, one of the “lucky” buyers complained the battery of the new iPhone swollen in size only days after the purchase.

Over the weekend, the number of such messages has increased drastically. Now, on Twitter, you can find more than a dozen of photos depicting iPhone 8 Plus with blown-up batteries. Apart from that, batteries became so much bigger in size that the display module simply detaches from the case.

So far, it’s impossible to find the reason of these failures. Judging by the feedback, in most cases, batteries started “swelling” during charging of the smartphone. However, there were those who faced this problem immediately after opening the box with iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple still hasn’t commented on the situation. However, the Cupertino company has already announced that the official investigation had started. Sources say that experts are trying to find the cause of the malfunction and every instance will be carefully considered.