Why iPhone More Powerful Than Android Smartphones?

Despite the fact that on paper Android smartphones seem to be highly efficient and productive, test results always tell one thing – iPhones are more powerful. It actually surprises a lot of people, especially Android fans, but there’s a reason for it – for example, new iPhone works on a quad-core A10 processor, which is supposed be not as good as hexa- or octa-core processors from Qualcomm or Samsung. So, why is it like that?

According to experts from Chipworks and Linley Group, Apple focuses on uniqueness of their processors. Unlike other companies, Apple doesn’t sell their CPUs, it sells devices, which allows them to spend more time and money on developing and receive a great product.

Apple’s processors really are different, especially in terms of the size. In the A10 extremely productive Hurricane cores are 4.18 mm2 in area, which is twice as big as cores from other mobile processors. Plus, energy efficient Zephyr cores are also bigger than their counterparts. Due to the size of the cores, processors from Apple function faster and better. Of course, that also means that devices, fitted with such CPUs, are more expensive but Apple products always justified the money, spent on them.