Why Did Samsung Note 7 Batteries Explode?

A disastrous Note 7 scandal has already cost Samsung a lot. The company cancelled the production of their smartphone. Right now, the Korean brand is hoping to restore its reputation with another flagship device. However, there is still no official information concerning the reasons for the whole debacle. That’s why independent experts joined the investigation and they actually found out something.

Specialists from the company Instrumental studied the Note 7 and came to the conclusion that batteries were exploding because of the pressure on them from other smartphone’s components. All the details inside the Note 7 were located too tight to one another, so the pressure on the battery was constant. According to safety standards, there should be small gaps between all components. Unfortunately, these standards haven’t been met, when assembling the phone.

The pressure was damaging the battery separator, which caused explosions and catching fire. What is more, Samsung engineers were actually aware of this problem and tried to protect the battery with special protective barrier but it didn’t help.

As mentioned before, this announcement comes from independent sources, so it’s still not official. We’ll have to wait for any words from Samsung representatives.


Why Did Note 7 Batteries Explode?

Why Did Note 7 Batteries Explode?