Mobile Accessories Made of Natural Leather

Here we will briefly observe the popular natural leather types which are used, among other things, in making accessories, such as backpacks, bags, sleeves, wallets and cases for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

First of all, natural leather is made of many different animal skins. Pigskin leather is the cheapest one. It’s used for making the most affordable shoes, backings and cheap jackets. Ox skin leather is thick and firm and more durable than pigskin leather. Used for making belts, sometimes bags, backpacks and jackets. Cowhide leather is quite firm but a little less solid than calfskin leather. Most of cheap or middle-priced shoes are made of it. Calfskin leather is known to be soft and very solid. Usually, there are no crease marks on it. Used for shoes, bags and jackets. Lambskin leather is soft and solid. It’s used for making premium-class bags, jackets, gloves and belts. Goatskin leather is also soft and solid. Used for expensive gloves, wallets and accessories. Deerskin leather is soft and nice to touch. It holds the shape and keeps the warmth very well. Products made of it can be seen on the market rarely. Crocodile skin leather is very firm. It’s perfect for making shoes, bags and jackets. Snakeskin leather looks very original. It’s used for making shoes, bags and jackets. Also, premium snakeskin iPhone cases or MacBook Leather covers can be seen in stores. Ostrich leather is soft and elastic. It’s good for making shoes, jackets, trench coats and different luxury accessories.

Today the use of leather in making accessories for smartphones and tablets is becoming more popular. So it’s important for people to know what their accessory is made from because different types of leather have different properties.

Production of some leather types mentioned above, such as snake (python) is prohibited in some countries (depending on laws in a particular country).