How to Choose Best Smartphone for Your Needs

Having a smartphone now is a necessity, a fashion statement and a reason for showing off. Let’s be honest – if you bought an expensive smartphone, you would feel pretty happy when people noticed it. That’s why most of us go for premium devices. But what are the main components of a great smartphone? What must have a phone, so you could say that it’s the best? For this article, we picked a few major characteristics of an ideal smartphone, when you choose a phone based on your needs.


In smartphones, size often matters. Most users go for bigger 5-inch models because they spend plenty of time watching videos, reading books or playing games. Plus, they aren’t too big, so you can still hold them comfortably in your hand. Another aspect here is screen quality. The higher resolution is, the more aesthetically pleasing your smartphone looks. Here, you have to check out models with 1080p display. Last but not least, we have display technologies. LCD or AMOLED? The first has an advantage in longevity while the second is better in color balance and vibrancy.


Of course, you want a smartphone to be fast, capable of multi-tasking and spacious enough. Therefore, don’t forget to look at the processor name, amount of RAM and internal storage. In terms of processing power, it’s hard to compete with Apple A10. That’s what makes iPhone 7 and 7 Plus most productive smartphones on the market. On the other hand, the latest creation of Qualcomm, Snapdragon 835, has everything to overshadow the Apple’s chipset. As soon as Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out, the situation may change in favour of Qualcomm.
RAM is also vital for any modern user. A smartphone has to keep up with your lifestyle. Here, 4GB RAM seems like the best choice. Of course, there are models with 6GB RAM but it doesn’t really make a big difference. iPhones manage to do well with only 2GB, so it really is a matter of perspective.
Lastly, we have storage. Considering how many apps we use and how many photos we take, it’s not surprising when we run out of memory on our smartphones. If you’re one of these people, find a smartphone with enough storage for you. 32GB is the optimal variant, in our opinion. Also, if microSD expansion is present, that’s another advantage for a smartphone.


For certain people, the number of megapixels can be even more important than other features. Well, phones already replaced regular cameras, so it’s not that surprising. But don’t be fooled by the number of megapixels because there are other characteristics, like pixel size, aperture, actual image quality, etc. Plus, if a smartphone has optical stabilization, that’s a huge advantage – it eliminates shakiness and blur on all pictures.

Battery Life

This is a complicated topic because not many smartphones can last even for a day. When using it non-stop, an average smartphone can do around 6-8 hours and that’s it. Still, there are models that surpass most of the competition. Some less known models can work for more than 12 hours but they might not be so impressive in other aspects. That’s why a 3 000mAh battery is quite enough for a day of active use.



Obviously, this doesn’t appear to be a number-one factor but some smartphones are much more loved by mobile accessory makers than others. Having a flagship model means that you won’t have problems looking for a new accessory. When you buy an iPhone, you know that there is a broad selection of cases, chargers and screen protectors for you.

So, before buying a smartphone, try to understand what you really need. Even if one smartphone isn’t as powerful or pretty as another one, it doesn’t matter because people have different opinions about the word “perfect”. Your own preferences are the most important factor here.