What Is Marketing, Simple Answer

In this article we’d like to tell briefly about what marketing is. Hopefully, it will be helpful for those who only begin their business journey or who is already in the middle of it or maybe who is thinking about new marketing schemes in an existing business. Of course, our website is about digital devices, mobile accessories, tech news, and so on. But we’re going to give a real-life example.
Imagine that you’re walking down street and you realize that you’re hungry. Yes, you may ask what being hungry has to do with marketing. The truth is that marketing starts from the question: “How do you give people what they theoretically want and make them really want the things that you offer?”.

Let’s go back to the hungry man. So, you want to grab a bite and don’t really care where.
If you see a beautiful sign board, a cheap restaurant or a fast-food café, you’ll choose what you want. Now, let’s think. The man, who created this restaurant, didn’t really think about your sudden desire to eat and how to satisfy your hunger. Well, he did, but not in the first place.

The marketing manager thought about external view, design, a sign board, location, and so on. Obviously, cuisine (Italian or French or Chinese) is one the main things but it still doesn’t imply the desire to feed you. It implies presenting the restaurant.
That way, if you see that sign board that says, for example, “American stakes”, you’d like it. Delicious food doesn’t mean that the business will flow. The most important thing is everything around that food. That’s what marketing is. Before giving you food and before even building the restaurant, people didn’t think about food – they considered many other details.

What about our main topic?
The same thing goes for the mobile device and accessory market. In fact, we don’t already need perfect iPhones or Samsung smartphones. At least there is no strong necessity for them. But new devices still help us live a more comfortable and safer life. That’s why famous or new brands create products and attract customers with articles or presentations showing benefits of every device to appeal to the audience.
That’s what marketing is in short.
Today, you don’t really have to think specifically about customers’ needs because everything they need has already been made and is available on the market. You have to come up not with something new but something that you can PRESENT, so that people would buy it.
Presenting is key. That’s the important part about marketing. It’s not that difficult if you decide on the main question, mentioned above. By answering it, you lay the foundation for future success.

Traditionally, we want to mention that our web page can be part of marketing activity as we write articles, reviews and news.
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